being a Mom!

Surprise day!

Today isFriday 13rd – A day

is usually started in horror movies…And here it is

Morning wake up, hurry to the toilet with sleepy eyes, open the DocMorris packet, take a cup to fill in the liquid, put the tester inside while brushing teeths, take the tester out and…Ta Da…

You got it baby! With 2 obvious red lines on both part…GRAVID!

Can’t believe it, I’m pregnant…Ooppss!

When I see tears in his eyes (or I just imagine!), I also cry…

It’s unexpected but….happy.

Spreading the news, my mom is happy. My mother in law is happy. His family is happy. Everybody is excited. His sister was saying “I hope the baby will get my eyes!”. Hihi…I hope too. She has such the beautiful eyes, Miss India as I called her so…

My darling is saying “You should eat salmon everyday, then our baby will have Einstein brain. You should not jump, you should not run….you know nothing, let me teach you….”. Look who is talking….Just last night he said “Ah you just read the symptoms of being pregnant on internet and trying to put yourself in it. If tomorrow the test shows you are not pregnant, I will roll on the floor of laughing”

Uhm feeling like unbelievable…Never ever imagine I will become a mom…Worried and blank…But with all my beloved by my side, I know…I can make it.

As my mother in law said, it’s 6 weeks now…

That’s how we find out about you, our baby! Friday 13rd huh!


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